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About Protec Fuels

Founded in 1999, Protec Fuel Management, LLC is an ethanol fuel marketing and solutions company dedicated to providing a unique turnkey ethanol solution to distributors, retailers and fleets across the nation. Along with our broad range of risk management products, Protec supplies ethanol to over 200 retailers across the South, Southeast and Mid-Atlantic areas.

Protec customers have access to experienced professionals with years of combined technical knowledge. Protec is exclusively positioned to offer services ranging from financial products and technical expertise to ethanol fuel, enabling us to better serve our customers. When you require integrated solutions, we combine our strengths with those of our affiliates to deliver total fuel solutions tailored to your needs.

Protec serves the following industries:

  • Convenience stores
  • Food service providers
  • Governmental entities
  • High Volume Retailers (HVRs)
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Transportation fleets
  • Trucking companies
  • Universities
  • Utilities.


Partners in I-75 Alternative Fuels project:

More E85 ethanol fueling stations have come to the I-75 interstate throughout the Southeast via East Tennessee’s Clean Fuels Coalition’s I-75 Corridor Project. Protec Fuel has partnered in this project to manage the E85 installation and provide fuel for the locations' new greener burning fuel offering of E85.

The ETCFC’s goals for this program are to collaborate with partners to add E85 and B20 biodiesel blend pumps all along I-75, making it the longest alternative fuels corridor in the United States. ETCFC is a non-profit Clean Cities coalition based in Knoxville. Clean Cities strives to introduce fleets and individuals to alternative fuels and bring more of those fuels to their respective regions throughout the country.