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E85, the hallmark of our turnkey business here at Protec, is the key blend stock component to make E15 and mid-level blends of ethanol at your retail station. With recent hardware compatibility and EPA approvals, E15 is available at a growing number of places for use in traditional gasoline engines for model years 2001 and newer. This range of vehicles represents a majority of the gasoline fuel consumption. E15 is composed of a blend of 15% pure ethanol and 85% gasoline. Conversely, E85 is made up of 85% pure ethanol, with the remaining 15% being gasoline. E100 refers to denatured ethanol; we offer it to our customers as a blend stock.

Protec Fuel uses various ethanol feedstocks, from renewable corn to advanced sources. Advanced and cellulosic ethanol is rapidly on the rise in terms of production and commercial availability in the US. This biofuel is produced from waste food and beverages, municipal solid waste, sorghum, wood, grasses and other waste materials. In the cellulosic realm, Protec is working with multiple advanced and cellulosic producers and plans to start offering their product soon.

For a list of E85 retailers, please visit the U.S. Dept. of Energy's alternative fuels locator. Protec Fuel helped to set up many of these stations, especially in the Southeast.