Management Team

Bruce Reingold

CFO/Managing Partner

Mr Reingold began his career in New York in 1981 where he worked in a regional accounting firm before moving to a national accounting firm.   During his term there, Mr. Reingold was asked to relocate to their Miami office where he worked with commercial, governmental and nonprofit organizations throughout the country and abroad.  Additionally, he was involved in public and private company audits as well as S-1 audits which facilitated taking private companies public. By the end of 1988, Mr. Reingold was able to obtain a diverse accounting background that would help him make his next move, which was to build his own accounting firm in Boca Raton, FL.  His practice focused on a variety of businesses from real estate developers, doctors, lawyers, insurance companies, retailers, to name a few.

From Protec Fuel’s inception in 2001, Mr. Reingold began as the CPA and Financial Advisor to Protec Fuel.  As the company grew, Mr. Reingold’s role increased significantly. In December 2013, Mr. Reingold sold his public accounting practice of 28 years and became a partner at Protec Fuel.  At this point, Mr. Reingold implemented new accounting systems, added internal controls, putting in a system of payment and disbursements, as well as a system of accountability for all employees, initiated a professional benefits plan, and creatively constructed plans that allowed the company to retain staff, key employees, while maintaining the growth of the business internally.  

Through these procedures, Mr. Reingold was able to improve the company’s accounting under GAAP and GASS standards, which has allowed the company to be independently auditable since 2014.  Mr. Reingold overseas the finance, accounting and day-to-day operations, including product purchasing, financial matters of the company, monthly and yearly taxes, and financial hedging of their respective products.

Steve Walk

COO/Managing Partner

Mr. Walk is a Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer of Protec Fuel Management. In addition to setting the strategic vision for the company Mr. Walk leads the company’s operations, logistics, and business development. With a deep understanding of logistics management, he delivers the advantages of vertical integration from plant to pump for Protec’s clients. Further, he guides branded and unbranded retailers through the process of adding the fuel, building infrastructure, and the implementation of strategies to improve sales and profitability. A recognized industry leader for his pioneering work to add E85 and E15 at hundreds of stations across the country, he is a frequent speaker and ambassador for the ethanol industry. Throughout his career Mr. Walk has served as a director, and held executive positions within the ethanol and petroleum industries. He earned dual degrees in International Business Management and Finance from Minnesota State University, and is Six Sigma certified.

Priscilla Laureano

Supply and Logistics Manager

Priscilla Laureano is the Supply and Logistics Manager of Protec Fuel, overseeing fuel supply logistics, transportation and station deliveries. Ms. Laureano has been with Protec for over six years — in the administration and accounts departments as an account representative and accounts receivables associate; and as the coordinator of dispatch and logistics for retail sites and terminals.

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