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You’ve made the decision to offer E85 at the pump. Just knowing that E85 is a premium, lower cost, green choice does not guarantee success. Protec knows that long-term viability takes:

Protec Turnkey Solutions

Energy & Fuel Procurement

Protec Fuel provides our clients with comprehensive and proven energy procurement services that allow you to control costs and achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness. In this capacity, our well-qualified energy staff conducts an independent review of the client’s energy commodity requirements, which we will then procure.


Protec supplies E85 and denatured ethanol (E100) fuel to more than 200 retailers throughout the U.S. We provide comprehensive fuel management and supply programs for E15 and E85. Protec also provides services such as:

By applying for funding, designing, building, and promoting your fueling site, Protec Fuel allows you to remain focused on operating your station. We will save you money and time, as well as work with you on a long term fueling contract to ensure fuel pricing profitability.

By providing equipment financing through our partnership with Patriot Capital Corporation, c-stores and commercial fueling sites may qualify for 0% interest financing on ethanol enabled gas pumps, underground storage tank upgrades, price signs and other site equipment.  Brands eligible for financing include dispensers from Gilbarco and Wayne Fueling.  For more information, click here or watch this 2-minute video about the benefits of equipment financing.

Further, find out added tax benefits by visiting this page on Patriot’s site.

When partnering with Protec Fuel, retailers benefit from selling fuels that many competitors can not offer, thus increasing over all foot traffic. Additionally, retailers and fleets can benefit from Protec Fuel’s consistent fuel supply logistics at a below wholesale price.

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Proving the success of an alternative fuel program is simple. The key is to make the program quantifiable. Plus, Protec will help you make it easy to transition into. Protec offers a comprehensive fleet fuel management program that seamlessly ties into all major fleet management systems. Critical data points can be measured:

Protec Fuel's E85 Wholesale

Protec’s partners will perform a diagnostic review of a fleet’s vehicles, fuel consumption, operation costs, and emission footprint. They will then compile a Fleet Emissions Baseline Report (FEBR). The report will catalogue the following for each vehicle and each vehicle weight class:

Once completed, the FEBR will empower fleet customers with the ability to accurately measure the cost savings, emission reductions and petroleum displacement they will experience every year going into the future.

The cost of an E85 program varies depending on each fleet’s specific needs. For clients that meet certain volume levels, a fueling program can be implemented with no or minimal upfront costs. Additionally, Protec can provide grant assistance and access to special government lease programs for low-cost financing, while designing a program offering the greatest value. Together we can structure a customized, comprehensive fuel program that will maintain fiscal responsibility while distributing clean, domestically produced ethanol in a variety of settings and applications.

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