Outshining the Competition: Tips for Flexfuel Ethanol Distributors

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Outshining the Competition: Tips for Flexfuel Ethanol Distributors

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, governments and intergovernmental organizations are introducing regulations to reduce CO2 emissions and switch to alternative energy sources. Fuel markets follow the lead and quickly adapt to changes, embracing new technologies (flex fuel engines) and alternative fuel types (different ethanol blends).

This article will explore E85 ethanol fuel competitive advantages and offer Protec Fuel’s insiders tips for flex fuel ethanol distributors. Thriving in ever-changing fuel markets can be challenging. At the same time, it opens a new world of possibilities for creative and sustainable development. Read on to learn how to outshine your competition while protecting the environment.

E85: Your Competitive Edge

Ethanol is a biofuel made from corn and other sugary agricultural products. As grain alcohol, ethanol comes from fermenting plant sugars, meaning different starchy products come into play when producing this plant-based fuel. More advanced forms of ethanol include cellulosic ethanol originating from waste food and beverages, wood, grasses, and municipal solid waste.

Although known for decades in the automotive industry, ethanol came into focus in the early 2000s after the US government initiated several programs calling for renewable fuels and gasoline blending. The 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act mandated the production of 15 billion gallons of ethanol by 2015, which resulted in the hyperproduction of blends such as E10 and E15. Despite being heralded as a green fuel that reduces CO2 emissions, their efficacy was questionable (some users reported engine damage). However, the true revolution came with E85.

E85 is a blend of 85% pure ethanol and 15% gasoline – an attractive combination of low greenhouse emissions and more engine power at a lower cost.

Advantages of E85

E85 is an ethanol fuel that brings together the best of two worlds – clean energy and environmental protection on the one hand and more engine power and better power delivery on the other hand. Below are the crucial benefits of E85 plant-based fuel:

  • Environmental Benefits

A combination of plant-based fuel and gasoline, E85 has fewer CO2 emissions. A lower carbon footprint reduces greenhouse gases, which produces less air pollution and improves air quality. The environmental benefits of using E85 are undisputable, but its overall effects on nature depend on the vehicle efficiency and the ethanol source and production methods.

  • Cleaner Burning

Unlike gasoline and other fossil fuels, E85 burns cleaner producing little or no carbon residue on engine valves and pistons. As a result, the exhaust emissions smell better, and your engine will likely last longer.

  • Faster Cooling

Compared to gasoline, E85 is more efficient in heat absorption during combustion, which leads to quicker cooling and better engine functioning.

  • More Power

E85 has a higher octane rating than gasoline. In contrast to 91 octanes typical for premium gasoline fuels, E85 generates more torque and horsepower (with a 100-105 octane rating), which can support the most advanced forced-induction engines.

  • Lower Costs

The crucial advantage of E85 is its low production cost. In contrast to gasoline, ethanol production requires less infrastructure and logistical support. Additionally, tax credits and government incentives further decrease production costs resulting in lower prices for distributors and consumers.

  • Domestic Production

Reducing reliance on foreign oil is one of the crucial benefits of ethanol fuel. Because of the availability of vital components, domestic production of E85 (and other alternative energy sources) increases energy security and is the best safeguard against international oil market volatility.

Advantages of E85

Fueling the Future: Tips for Flexfuel Ethanol Distributors

To stay ahead of the competition in a turbulent, sustainability-oriented market, flex-fuel ethanol distributors must adopt a flexible mindset and apply innovative policies that will put them on the fast track to success. Protec Fuel experts offer insiders tips on combining profitability and environmental requirements into a perfect blend.

  • Focus on Quality

The efficiency and positive environmental effects of E85 depend on the source of ethanol and the production methods. That is why focusing on quality is crucial for flex fuel ethanol distribution. To thrive in a volatile fuel market, you must ensure the product you provide to customers meets the highest standards. Use the quality of your fuel as a unique selling point that will distinguish your business from competitors.

  • Carefully Choose Location

There are over 4,200 gas stations in 44 states selling E85. When finding the best location, analyze the market to learn about supply and demand patterns. Choose the location with unsatiated needs for flex fuel.

  • Adhere to Codes and Standards

Running a flex-fuel distribution business requires you to stay up-to-date with the relevant codes and regulations. Learn about the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) rules and comply with the safety standards. Ethanol is flammable and poisonous, meaning you must ensure no open ignition sources are present in the fueling facility.

  • Provide Adequate Refueling Equipment

Making your service station functional is impossible without installing proper refueling equipment. Approximately 60 pieces of equipment deliver fuel to a vehicle (underground tanks, turbine pumps, pipes, E85 dispensers, leak detection devices, overfill protection devices, containment sumps, etc.). To ensure safety and proper functioning, you must conduct regular maintenance, repair, and certification of E85 refueling equipment.

  • Organize Sustainable Supply

Effective logistics and supply are behind each successful distribution business. To ensure your E85 distribution station runs smoothly, you must organize continuous fuel flow and support it with effective logistics. Enabling stable prices means maintaining a sustainable supply, which requires sufficient reserves. Stand out from the competition by offering more at a lower price.

  • Prioritize Customer Service

The key players in the industry distinguish themselves from competitors with excellent customer service. A gas station is not only about refueling gas. Wherever they go, customers want to feel valued. Your job is to ensure that with E85, your customers can get a wide range of products and services to make their time on the road as enjoyable and effortless as possible. Satisfied customers will always return and bring others with them.

  • Leverage Technology and Invest in Marketing

Thriving businesses know how to adapt to the requirements of the digital age. Leveraging technology is essential to standing out from the crowd. Make life easier for your customers by enabling them to look at your products and services from the comfort of their homes. Invest in social media marketing and advertise your services online. Enable notifications about E85 prices and let customers see the locations of your service stations. Include additional benefits for regular customers, such as rewards and discounts. Ensure they constantly come for more.

  • Stay Up-To-Date with Changes

Open-mindedness is a vital asset for flex fuel ethanol distributors. To keep fresh ideas flowing in, stay informed about ethanol industry trends. Attending industry events and conferences, expanding the network, and staying up-to-date with the newest technologies is crucial.

  • Maintain Your Business Success

Once your ethanol distribution business is on track, take the necessary steps to maintain an upward trajectory through fuel management programs, consultations, and technical expertise. Combine your strengths with experts at Protec Fuel to get integrated solutions custom-tailored to your needs.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • The modern world is rapidly adapting to environmental challenges by imposing strict regulations;
  • Fuel distribution businesses must walk a fine line between profitability and environmental sustainability;
  • E85 is a plant-based fuel offering the optimal combination of clean energy, low price, and efficiency;
  • The main advantages of E85 (flex fuel) include environmental benefits, more power, cleaner burning, faster cooling, lower costs, and less dependency on foreign oil.
  • To thrive in a turbulent oil market, flex-fuel ethanol distributors must focus on quality, choose the best service station location, adhere to codes and standards, provide adequate refueling equipment, prioritize customer service, organize stable supply, invest in marketing, and maintain business by working with experts.

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