Green Skies Ahead: Transforming Ethanol into Aviation’s Sustainable Future

By: protecfuel February 13, 2024 3:17 am

Green Skies Ahead: Transforming Ethanol into Aviation’s Sustainable Future

British Airways has invested in a groundbreaking $200 million plant in rural Georgia that specializes in converting ethanol derived from corn into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). This innovative facility, which recently commenced operations, is set to produce approximately 10 million gallons of jet fuel and diesel annually. The initiative comes at a time when the shift towards electric vehicles is expected to create a surplus in ethanol production capacity, traditionally used to supplement gasoline. The process of transforming ethanol into diesel and SAF is relatively straightforward and has garnered interest from other major investors, including Suncor, a prominent Canadian petroleum producer.

The push for sustainable fuel sources is part of a broader effort to meet environmental goals, with President Joe Biden aiming for the production of three billion gallons of SAF by 2030. Beyond corn, other feedstocks, such as sugarcane, are being explored for SAF production. A California-based company has announced plans to produce 61 million gallons of SAF from sugarcane, highlighting the diverse potential sources for sustainable fuel. The Georgia plant, spanning 160 acres, will not only produce SAF but also ethanol for gasoline blending, renewable natural gas, renewable diesel, electricity, CO2, and hydrogen, utilizing raw materials sourced from farms in the Imperial Valley.

For more details on this pioneering project, read the full article on AVweb.

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